You will find here all the documents, press articles, photos and videos about ARMALITH®, its history and performance.


Perpete – The Super Beefy Pants

Resistant, comfortable, eco-friendly pants that the brand buys back when they get too small. 



Kickstarter 2021 BOLID’STER

BOLID’STER present a new line product of high performance jeans made of Armalith® X-Light and ARMALITH® Power Stretch.



Dainese Superior Protection Pants

Thanks to a single-layer Armalith® structure, a seamless construction with no external seams and soft Pro Shape 2.0 protectors, the highest level of safety can be worn at all times.


Kickstarter 2020 BOLID’STER

BOLID’STER present a new line product of high performance urban jeans made of Armalith® X-Light and ARMALITH® Skin


The World’s Strongest Denim


Resistance test of reinforced motorcycle jeans

The BOLID’STER jeans in ARMALITH® take the test with brio.


RokkerTech Womens High Waisted Slim Jeans

These jeans made of ARMALITH® by ROKKER are great option for those who look for motorcycle women regular jeans that provides high abrasion resistance in case of motorcycle fall on the tarmac.


Kickstarter 2019 BOLID’STER

BOLID’STER present a new line product of high performance urban jeans made of Armalith® Light. 


Held Jester-Road Duke Gear

Jester est une veste stylisée et urbaine, qui se démarque également en terme de sécurité.

– Protecteurs SAS-TEC® Slim-line

– Très abrasif

– Tissu denim Armalith® résistant et indéchirable

– Cuir souple sur les bras et les épaules


SS19 FXRG Harley Davidson Jeans in Armalith®

Classic and durable riding jeans that are abrasion resistant and exceptionally stylish. They are also very comfortable to wear off the bike..



Raw Jeans in authentic traditional Denim

Armalith® makes it possible to create raw and classic jeans that also respect authentic denim traditions.


Yamaha Yard Built & Dab Motors Project

For this highly innovative project, Armalith®, an ultra-advanced composite fabric, have been selected to make the saddle for the motorbike.


Armalith Skin Dab Motor

Customized Armalith® Skin Clothing

The pilot’s gear was made to measure in Armalith® Skin Black. This very modern outfit contains stretch, is ultra-resistant if your bike crashes on asphalt and is waterproof and breathable …



Armalith®, a light and resistant fabric

Light-weight Armalith® jeans are perfect for skateboarders in hot weather. They are breathable, absorbant and protect you from abrasion if you fall.



The morning light is ideal to capture the beautiful colours of Armalith®.


Kickstarter 2018 BOLID’STER

BOLID’STER is the pilot brand, used as a laboratory, to explore all the possibilities and limitations of manufacturing using Armalith® technology.


Denim jacket in Armalith®

Armalith® can also be used to make jackets.


Armalith® jeans are exceptionally comfortable

Armalith® jeans are ideal for downhill skateboarding and many other extreme sports. They guarantee a maximum of freedom of movement and are very resistant if you fall.


Kickstarter 2017 BOLID’STER

BOLID’STER products made of Armalith® are now manufactured in France by highly qualified personnel.


RokkerTech Armalith® Jeans

These jeans made from Armalith® are one of the great successes of the ROKKER range. The single layer fabric is very light but still protects you while riding.


Kickstarter 2016 BOLID’STER

2016 launch of the BOLID’STER brand. As the pilot brand for the Armalith® 2.0 technology, BOLID’STER’s mission is to inspire other brands through its expertise in using Armalith®


The making of an event that will mark the history of jeans

At the Who’s Next show in Paris in 2008, Remy and Dominique Julienne’s team created the unthinkable… They suspended a Hummer H2 at the end of an Armalith® jean.


Hanging a Hummer from Armalith® jeans

Paris, 2008: Armalith® became a legend by hanging a 4-ton Hummer just from a pair of jeans.


10 journalists and VIPs test Armalith® jeans on the Monneret circuit tarmac.

The journalist from MOTORS TV tests Armalith® jeans by leaning out onto the asphalt at 35KM/h. Fortunately Remy and Dominique Julienne’s stunt team was there to keep everyone safe.


What is Armalith®?

Armalith® explained in a few pictures.


The factories that manufacture ARMALITH are licensed and fulfil the extremely high requirements set out in the ARMALITH specifications.

Fibre quality, respect for processes and the environment, commitment to mechanical performance... spinning, weaving, and finishing are all strictly monitored to provide the exceptional quality ARMALITH has been known for over the last 12 years.